CES-DM©The CES-DM© is a computer administered, psychological assessment that uses patent-pending, truth revealing technology in order to quickly (2 to 3 minutes) identify mental states of mild depression through to severe cases that carry the real potential for attempts at suicide. More >

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eCES-DThe eCES-D takes all of the validated elements of the original CES-D assessment and brings them into the 21st Century. The eCES-D has the exact same questions, answer options and scoring system as the CES-D but incorporates the patent Pending IRGS technology making the assessment easier and more reliable to take. More >

IRGSThe patent-pending IRGS scaling methodology employs a computer-generated colored "bar" with a virtual "slider" cursor that moves along the bar. As the slider moves, the bar also changes color to reflect attitude or opinion in a universally understood fashion. More >